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New ways to do Digital Marketing in the 21st century

Welcome to the Digital Millennium, where almost everything happens online. Join me as I start this new journey of my blog. Who doesn't own a social Media account? You name it; WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, email, and very many others. It is, therefore, my wish that we could go through this together and let me help you learn about the tactics of making it in the online world.
Digital marketing is something which we cannot escape. There are very many people online searching, analyzing, and even purchasing products online. As a business, you can't miss this perfect opportunity to publicize your brand.
Most of the times when we get online, there are some very vital things that we're always after. First of all, it's all about which ad comes first when you search for something. Secondly, you will ever want to get rich content where you can be able to differentiate between what's real and what's not. Last but not least is the ability to make payments online.

Change is inevitable. Over the years, we have had so many variations in technology, and you as a business person have to adapt, especially with anything to do with online Ventures. There are some areas of digital marketing techniques which you need to familiarize yourself with and be the best to win more customers and at the same time be the best in your League. We have micro-moments, smarter chats, augmented reality marketing, voice search, and Browser push notifications.
 Let’s take a look at the voice search. Ever since we started using the search engines, we have always been typing whatever we want to find on the internet at the search engine providers. Things have changed, and nowadays, we can search either via typing, voice search, or even image searching.
There are two major voice search options. One of them is very the Common Source software installed on smartphones such as Siri and Google assistant. The other one is very convenient and has been used by some big companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and apple.
As technology advances, you might think that it gets more and more expensive, but the voice search is affordable and very reliable. The most popular brands are making every effort to be able to integrate voice search to their sites. This goes hand-in-hand with SEO for the best results.

Browser push notifications are a common thing, especially in product-based companies. E-commerce companies are using this feature to be able to remind customers of orders that they placed a while ago and haven't completed them. This is also a way to retain better customers who have once been your clients. It is all about how you treat your customers and keep reminding them of why you exist.
Augmented reality is one way to bring the facts closer to the Customers just before they make their purchase. Sometimes customers are unable to tell between the differences between products which are actually of the same kind. It, therefore, becomes effortless when we can be able to get a realistic environment to interact with the products just before they can buy them.

An excellent example is Michael Kors that was able to create an ad on social media for users to purchase their sunglasses. What happens, you have to bring your face closer to your camera on your smartphone, and the sunglasses will fit right exactly where your eyes are. Shopping becomes exciting and much more specific.
All you need to do as a businessperson is to watch out on these trends and be on the lookout for any changes that may come up. That is because developers are always coming up with something new, which is still more convenient for the end-user.


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